1. High Pressure Waterjet Descaling / Cleaning ( Industrial ) ( Max upto 2700 Bar )

 Heat Exchanger and pipelines internal tube / pipe cleaning
 Automated Rigid Lancing Systems ( Powerlance / Twin Lance / Multilance )
 Flexible Lancing Systems ( Automated )
 Mechanized External Bundle Cleaning System (with Bobcat or equivalent)
 Heat Exchanger Bundle Rolling System (Hydraulic)
 Rotating Nozzles Cleaning System
 Vessel / Tank / Reactor Cleaning system ( Petrochemical / Refineries )
 High pressure wajet jet equipment for offshore use ( Diesel / Electric )
 MEE Evaporator cleaning for Sugar Factories and Alumina units
 Polymer lumps dechoking / cutting by waterjet


Specialist Boiler Pressure parts and APH Cleaning in large power stations
Trained crew and HPWJ units for boiler pressure parts cleaning for power stations. Considerable experience in working at heights with safety.


Surface Preparation by Hydroblasting ( Ultra High Pressure / 40000 psi )
 Hydroblasting in compliance with WJ / SA standards (SA 2 / SA 2.5)
 Deck Blaster for Hydroblasting of horizontal surfaces
 Mobilization of semi-automatic robotized tools for large area cleaning
 Erection of Scaffolding
 Airless Spray Painting
 Rope Access Technology / Abseiling ( can be arranged )
 Grit blasting and containment ( Vacuum )